Lucía is a 10-year-old girl who lives with her mother, her little sister and her Alpaca on Isla del Sol, located in the middle of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. She sees her father depart lake inside her and from that moment she must face a new reality every day tinged by the constant wait for the return of her beloved father. Lucía’s mind gradually dilutes the memories of her father, mixing them with mythical stories that are told to the tourists who visit her town. Her desire is growing and grows so much that, when the time comes for it to be fulfilled, she fails to recognize in that man who returns the father that she has seen leave her. Lucía, then, realizes that she must fend for herself and that it is her turn to leave her in search of what drives her to turn on her own light and continue smiling at life, through the strength of her, internal and determined look of her.

Sun and Daughter

a film by Catalina Razzini


Catalina Razzini was born in La Paz on December 25, 1984. She graduated from UMSA with a degree in Literature and has a degree in film directing from the Catholic University. She has a Master’s degree in film directing from the TAI school in Madrid. Sun and Daughter is her debut film.

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Length: 85 minutes
Gender: Drama/Coming of age
Format: Digital (Arri Alexa Mini)
Year: 2022


María Belén Callisaya was born in September 2008, on the Island of the Sun, in Lake Titicaca. A natural actress, Cuidando al Sol is her first experience in the cinema.

Katerine Choque Huanca was born on Isla del Sol. A natural actress, Cuidando al Sol is her first experience in the cinema.

Karina Paco Altamirano was born in Oruro on April 25, 1987. She studied psychology and acting; She is a theater and film actress, with experience in commercials, short films and feature films.

Luis Aduviri Luna was born in the city of El Alto. He studied Performing Arts at the Municipal School of Arts in that city and participated in national and international productions such as Also the Rain, Blackthorn, Insurgentes, Juana Azurduy, Muralla and Reyna del Sur, among other productions.

Freddy Chipana (Actor, Director, Playwright and Cultural Manager) began his career in 1990 with the Teatro Ojo Morado in the city of La Paz, in 1997 he was invited to be part of the Teatro de los Andes. In 2002 he founded the “Altoteatro” Art Space, a group that he currently directs. As an actor and theater director he has performed internationally and nationally. In cinema, he worked in films such as Pacha, by Mexican Héctor Ferreyro, Cargo Sealed, by Julia Vargas,
Juana Azurduy, by Jorge Sanjinés, The Battle of Suipacha, by Germán Monje
Out souled out, by Vanesa Arguedas, Averno, by Marcos Loayza and La Delivery, by Gori Patiño, among others.


Written and directed by: Catalina Razzini Z.
Production: Paola Gosalvez – Pucara Films (Bolivia)
Co-Pproduction: Creta producciones (Spain)
Associated Production: Autentika Films (Germany)
Direction of photography: Santiago Racaj A.E.C.
Original music: Andrés Razzini
Art direction: Andrea Antezana

Costume Design: Maite Tarilonte
Sound: Gonzalo Quintana
Makeup and hairdressing: Fariddy Rafael
Montage: Magdalena Schinca, Irene Cajías
Sound post production: Blacktone Studio
Image post production: El colorado                                                                            P


February 22 19:30, Sala 2 Multicine – Premiere with tickets sold to the public.

February 24, national premiere at:

  • Multicine in La Paz, Santa Cruz and El Alto
  • Cine Center in La Paz, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and Tarija
  • Cinemark Ventura Mall in Santa Cruz
  • Sky Box Cinemas in Cochabamba
  • Cinemateca Bolivia in La Paz
  • Cinebol in El Alto